add bacon $2 avocado $1

Brooklyn Tree Burger $14 (w/ 1 side) 

6 oz beef patty, aged white cheddar, smoked tomato aioli, seasonal greens, house pickles on a sweet potato bun

Beet Burger (Vegan) $14 (w/ 1 side) 

red quinoa, beet, chia seed patty w/ homemade sunflower feta, seasonal greens, house pickles on a sweet potato bun

Falafel Burger (Vegan) $14 (w/ 1 side) 

house hummus, seasonal greens, house pickles, and tahini dressing on a sweet potato bun

Meatloaf or Garbanzo Loaf $14 (w/ 1 side)

house specialty w/ red pepper glaze, gruyere, seasonal greens, house pickles on a brick oven ciabatta

Grilled Cheese $12 (w/ 1 side)

aged white cheddar, gruyere, whipped ricotta, kale, roasted red peppers on parmesan crusted country bread

Chicken Schnitzel (avail. Buffalo Style) $13 (w/ 1 side)

aged white cheddar, sugar snap slaw, honey mustard vinaigrette on brick oven ciabatta

Tofu Schnitzel (avail. Buffalo Style)(Vegan) $13 (w/ 1 side)

panko crusted tofu, sugar snap slaw, homemade sunflower feta on brick oven ciabatta

Veggie Sandwich (Vegan) $12 (w/ 1 side)

house hummus, avocado, house pickles, bk grange sprouts on brick oven ciabatta

BK Sammie $8 (w/ 1 side)

scrambled eggs, aged white cheddar, smoked tomato aioli, bk grange sprouts on a sweet potato bun

Pernil (Pulled Pork) $14 (w/ 1 side)

gruyere, sugar snap slaw, house pickles, whole grain mustard, on a brick oven ciabatta


Meatloaf or Garbanzo Loaf $16 (w/ 2 sides)

house specialty w/ mirepoix, mushrooms, ricotta, red pepper glaze

Chicken Schnitzel $16 (w/  2 sides)

garlic, thyme crusted chicken breast, honey mustard vinaigrette

Tofu Schnitzel (Vegan)  $16 (w/  2 sides)

garlic, thyme, panko crusted tofu

Pernil (Pulled Pork)  $16 (w/ 2 sides)

slow cooked pork shoulder topped with sugar snap slaw


add meat/garbanzo loaf or chicken/tofu schnitzel $4

add bacon $2 avocado $1

Quinoa & Kale $9

massaged kale, red quinoa, carrots, cucumber, honey mustard vinaigrette

Roasted Pumpkin $9

 seasonal greens, celery heart, red onion, crispy chickpeas, tahini dressing

The Big Apple $9

gala apples, toasted sunflower seeds, sugar snaps, seasonal greens, white cheddar vinaigrette (dairy free available)

Seasonal Soup

Tomato Soup $9

whipped ricotta, thyme pesto

Butternut Squash $9



Mac and Cheese $9

caramelized onions, shitake mushrooms, cheddar, gruyere, pretzel crust

Cheese Puffs $7

fried ricotta w/ sweet pepper peach jam

House Hummus $7

roasted red pepper, fried bread


French Fries $7

celery seed, paprika, sea salt

Sweet Potato Fries $7

chile, toasted coriander

Quinoa & Kale $6
Cup of Soup $6

tomato or butternut squash

White Cheddar Mash $6

red bliss potatoes, roasted garlic

Sugar Snap Slaw $6
House Pickled Vegetables $6



Caramel Apple Bread Pudding $7

(add ice cream $2) (add bacon $2)


Honey Lemonade $3
Ginger Mint Tea $3
Half & Half $3
Hibiscus tea $3
Root Beer/ Cola Float $5
Milk Shake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Vietnamese Coffee, Maple Bacon, Caramel Apple) $6
Smoothie (Super Smoothie, Green Smoothie) $8
Bottled Sodas $2.5
Chicory Coffee $2
Cold Brew Chicory Coffee $3

Adult Beverages

Canned Beer $4
Bottled Beer $6
Adult Floats $8
Shots (add to any drink) $4
Bloody Mary $8
Mimosa $8
Frozen Margarita $8
Henny Colada $10