Please email us with any questions regarding your catering order and we would be happy to assist!

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*Additional charges for delivery*


House Hummus ($10/ 16oz feeds 3-5 ppl)

Roasted red pepper, country bread

Mac & Cheese  ($60 feeds 6-8 ppl)

Aged white cheddar, gruyere, shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, pretzel crust


Meatloaf/ Veggie loaf ($75/ Tray feeds 13-15 ppl)

House specialty w/mirepoix, mushrooms, ricotta, red pepper glaze, and bk grange sprouts

Chicken Schnitzel/ Tofu Schnitzel ($75/ feeds 13-15 ppl)

Garlic, thyme crusted chicken thigh/tofu, bk grange sproutsw

Sandwich Platter ($90/ 10 Sandwiches)

Sandwich assortment of your choice between our  chicken schnitzel, tofu schnitzel, veggie loaf, meatloaf, or veggie sandwich. Additional detail on specific sandwiches found on our lunch/dinner menu


Quinoa & Kale ($50/ tray feeds 6-8 ppl)

Massaged kale, red quinoa, carrots, cucumber, honey mustard vinaigrette

The Big Apple ($50/ tray feeds 6-8 ppl)

Gala apples, toasted sunflower seeds, sugar snaps, seasonal greens, white cheddar vinaigrette ( dairy free available)


Mash Potatoes ($55/ tray feeds 14-16 ppl)

Red bliss potatoes, roasted garlic

Sugar Snap Slaw ($50/ tray feeds 14-16 ppl)

Carrots, sugar snaps


Gazpacho ($30/ ½ Gallon, feeds 7-9 ppl)

Heirloom tomatoes, english cucumber, toasted coriander

Tomato Soup ($30/ ½ Gallon, feeds 7-9 ppl)

Whipped ricotta, thyme pesto


Cookies and Milk $25

16 homemade soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies + half gallon whole milk